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We are brother & sister sharing the same passion for Videography and Arts

The story started…

Joy Voltage is a Film and Art production company founded by Xhoana and Murat Lama, we are brother and sister and we share the same passion for filming and arts since we were little kids and we want to help you to create designed projects based on your dreams.

Our story is quite dynamic as we love travel and we have emigrated several time in our lives since 1999 when our parents moved from Albania to Italy to give us a better life as the situation down there was dangerous. We grew up in a little country in Italy but we couldn’t stay there for long because we had the need to reach our dreams, reason why we moved to Milan to continue our studies.

In Milan we attended private Universities, Xhoana was graduated once in Multimedial Arts and Cinema, then she got a second degree in Communication Design at New Academy of Fine Arts_NABA and Murat was graduated in Journalism, Advertising and Film Production at IULM and recently he attended an MA in Creative Media Entrepreneurship at the University of West London.

We had different opportunities in Milan, one of them was working with RAI TELEVISION and afterword we worked at the Venice Film Festival. 

Xhoana was travelling for a while in south America, she was working for CNN in Santiago de Chile and she produced a short film and a medium-length film.                                                                            When she was back in Italy again we produced a docufiction “La chiave di Violino” and a documentary “My little daddy”. After that we being working on short films, video promotions and a video clip “Sistema Solare” in collaboration with our Italian team.

One day Xhoana had to go to London because of a design competition, during that time she fell in love with London and she thought this was the right place to grow our business.

We moved to London together and here we are to help other people and businesses to grow and succeed.

We offer a number of services including video, photography and artistic projects to best communicate your message. We supply a range of film solutions, from live event filming, narrative driven high impact commercials, and music videos to documentaries and innovative video training products. Our mission is to make real films based on your desires. Our photography and art projects are tailor made to meet your needs, to increase your visibility and create from listening to your dreams and visions.

We take pride in caring for the whole process: from concept and production to finalizing the post-production. 

The bottom line is – we want to make sure your dreams become true.

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Make your dreams come true


Would you like to create films based on your awaken dreams and desires?

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Joy Voltage enhances the power of imagination and creation, and provides you with a wide range of audiovisual services, such as films, documentaries, corporate videos, music videos and live events.
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Would you like to capture those unique moments that you will always want to remember?

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Your vision can be articulated into different types of photographic projects and we are delighted to listen to your needs and give you quality, beauty and uniqueness in every shot.
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Would you like to find your way of expression through the synergy of all kinds of art?

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Each of us has unique ways of expressing our ideas. We offer you the possibility of adding our unique competence to your vision. Together we can create a completely new artistic expression.
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Creativity & Values

We offer a range of various Artistic Projects with high values. You can pick and choose based on your needs!

On Budget and On Time

We create and manage all the projects in detail and offer smart budget solutions in a timely manner.

High Quality Projects

Quality is our priority. We want to make your dreams as vivid as possible, with our special high quality certification.

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We are driven by values

At Joy Voltage Production, we believe in awakening dreams. In some way, everyone has the desire to share their message in the world, and we are excited to help you and make that happen. 

Our aim is to produce high quality performance films and art projects, developed by a diverse and creative team of professionals.