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A little story

About Us.

Our Vision

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when we talk in terms of creativity and creation.

Your vision can be articulated into different types of Video and Photographic Projects and we are delighted to listen to your needs and give you quality, beauty and uniqueness in every shot.

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Who we are?

Dreaming Everyday

Joy Voltage is a Film and Art Production Company whose sole purpose is to make your imagination tangible and your dreams come true.

Since  2016 Joy Voltage has created Award winning films and services for the film industry, agencies and independent businesses.

Joy Voltage has become a multi-faceted media company by producing feature length documentaries, commercials, trailers, videos, short films, and other special projects for clients.

Our company is based in London, but our team is available to move around the world even in the Space.

Why choose us?

Because We Are Dreamers

We offer a range of various Artistic Projects with high values. You can pick and choose based on your needs. All the projects are created and managed in detail, we offer smart budget solutions in timely manner.

Quality is our priority. We want to make your dreams as vivid as possible, with our special high quality certification.

Joy Voltage Productions

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